8x10 Realm of the Elderlings Character Fanart Collection



Our Realm of the Elderlings character collection.  This was created from 3 stacked layers of 1/8" birch plywood. Each layer is engraved and then cut. I really enjoying creating these. The challenge was keeping them simple and graphic while adding just enough detail to evoke what the character means to me.

The birch ply has been left in a raw unfinished state to let the wood speak for itself and let its beauty and warmth come through. Birch veneer that the ply is made from can contain both Sapwood (the light portion of the log) and/or Heartwood (the dark portion of the log). Moisture content or even if it is Tuesday can subtly affect the coloration 12" over on the same board. This all adds the variation and natural beauty of the final creation. 

Each piece has hanging holes integrated into the back panel. These all look equally wonderful as they are hung on the wall, on a simple plate stand, or slipped into any standard 8' x 10" picture frame.

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Size: 8" x 10" x 3/8" thick

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